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Roman VIII Ltd: Small but perfectly formed, specialising in the fields of communication and design. Our services include business writing, PR, design for print and websites, multimedia and audio/music sound tracks. Our solutions are pragmatic and tailored to suit today's business needs.
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A series of 5 images starting and finishing with sections from a picture of a hand grasping an open gear wheel, the fingers spanning its complete diameter. This is followed by a close-up CAD like image of two people, one is speaking via a superimposed arrow into the other's ear. Denoting communication via technology. The next image is a row of shopping bags in perspective, with the clipped words e-commerce beneath them. Finally there is an image of a microscope placed upon a page from a dictionary, highlighting the word focus. Regardless of how smart technology is, it is only productive when harnessed by human need

Roman VIII provides a comprehensive range marketing & communications' development services. Including:

  • Design and print for all media (folders, brochures, leaflets, stationary, business cards, exhibition displays, banners and signage)
  • Website design, hosting and back office systems (content management, e-commerce, online database design and integration and serverside scripting)
We have also devised a set of packages to suit a variety of business requirements. These packs provide simple, effective business solutions and outstanding value.

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Our bespoke services begin with a review of your requirements. We then compile a development brief identifying the approach, solutions selected and costs.
  • Writing services e.g. pr, articles, words for literature & web
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  • Graphic design projects e.g. branding, literature, advertising, exhibitions & signage more info . . .
  • Web developments e.g. e-commerce, content managment systems & web recovery more info . . .
  Tel: 07786351780
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