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Press Releases 
  • Write & circulate five press releases
    Professionally written press releases on subjects of your choice and circulated to your selected media outlets.

  • Advice on press coverage & media liaison
    Top tips to help you increase your chances of press coverage and help to deal with the media effectively. Also guidelines on what makes a good press release and how to write one.

  • Press release template
    A document that matches your corporate style and includes prompts for all the necessary information. All you need to do is drop in your chosen text and circulate.
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Optional extras include:

Features, articles & editorials
More detailed articles on specific subjects can be written for your corporate publications or the press. These usually require an interview with the relevant person before the article is drafted for your comment/approval.

We are happy to work on articles of a technical nature; all you need to do is supply relevant background information. We will also manage the process completely if you wish. This means that if you provide the contact details for the publication concerned we can write to length, liaise with them as required and ensure the article is submitted on time and in the correct format. Contact us for more information


Business Writing 
  • Text for a double-sided A4 leaflet or equivalent.
    Professional writing for a corporate leaflet. All we need from you are the key messages you wish to get across to your target audience and the format of the leaflet. Our experience enables us write clearly, concisely and effectively in your corporate style. We are happy to work with your chosen designer or in-house team, or we can provide design services for you.

  • Text for one sales letter. Help to draft a sales letter that gets your message across to your target audience effectively.

  • 'Healthcheck' review of company brochure or equivalent.
    A chance to find out if your company brochure or equivalent is sending the right messages to your customers. We can evaluate the document and provide you with feedback on its effectiveness along with pointers for improvements that could be made when it's time for a reprint.
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Focus on words

Other business writing services include: 
  • Case Studies - interview & write up
    A telephone or face-to-face interview, followed by a case study written and sent to you for comment and approval. Case studies are ideal for internal and external communications, in fact any situation where you want to celebrate success and explain the benefits of working with your organisation. We can also arrange photography, design and printing of case studies if you require. Contact us for more information

  • Newsletters - write & edit
    We can help you with the writing for all sorts of newsletters - from online versions through to those totalling several printed pages. We'll talk through your requirements, recommend a solution, work out a schedule and liaise with your organisation to take the job through to completion. We are happy to just write the text or we can provide design, photography and print services too. Contact us for more information

  • Website text - write & edit
    If you want to develop, refresh or update your website, we can use our expertise to make sure the words pack a punch. We will find out what you want to say and then write in your corporate style to fit with the design of your site. Providing the words alone is no problem and we can also help with web design and development if you need us to. Contact us for more information

  • Any PR & writing activities can be arranged to suit your requirements. We'll be happy to discuss your particular needs. Contact us for more information

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