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Roman VIII offers a comprehensive and effective range of music services. Writing, arranging and recording. Producing music and audio effects for plays, promotions, multi-media and computer games. We have tackled anything from Shakespeare to gunfire, Radio jingles to rat noises! Our facilities enable the production of professional quality, digital recordings and provide an unrivalled selection of soundsources ranging from vintage classics through to today's one-key digital solutions. We provide a flexible approach to meet the needs of modern businesses.
  • Vangellis's baby - A section from part 7 of the complete suite
    Play (818K MP3)
  • Mid Summer Night's Dream - Sleep! - This is the full version Roman VIII Ltd
    Play (4.4 Mb MP3)
  • A photo shoot around the world
    Play (603 Kb MP3)
  • Wednesday wasn't a good day!
    Play (341 Kb MP3)
Please feel free to discuss your project with us. Our commissions have ranged from simple sound effects to full scores. Our aim is to provide the best practical solution and we are always keen to provide help and advice.

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