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Our background experience and catholic tastes have led us to produce compositions in many styles:-
  • Avant Garde (Looped & Sampled etc.)
  • Blues,
  • Jazz (Modal, Chromatic)
  • Rock,
  • Orchestral
  • New-Age
  • Electronic
Pieces from a few seconds to over 20 minutes. The key is the requirement - What does the music have to do and say. And in what context is it placed? Samples: Click on the links below to download an mp3 format music sample.
  • Solo Piano:
    Play (781 Kb MP3)
  • Rock Ensemble, Orchestra & Choir:
    Play (818 Kb MP3)
  • Period Drama:
    Play (709K MP3)
  • Electronic Rock:
    Play (550K MP3)

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