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Roman VIII Profile 
Roman VIII is a small company based in Rustington West Sussex. We have been in business as Roman VIII since 1998, becoming a limited company in 2002. Its creation marked the coming together of two major strands of experience, representing more than 30 years of industry knowledge and career development in sectors ranging from The BBC to Major Multi-nationals like Loral and Lockheed Martin, from working with small private sector companies to large public sector and government funded organisations. Our strength is that we have experienced a full range business and industry needs in the sectors of design and marketing from both sides, from customer to coal face.

Experience & Perspective

Our experience spans the last two decades of the 20th Century marking a period of major change and upheaval in the nature of business and industry and the way we work. This has involved us in almost every major type of company cultural change from TQM and process re-engineering to ISO 9000 and Investors in People. In parallel to this our work has closely linked us with most developments in new media and IT. Leading us not only to have an in-depth working knowledge of the subject but also its impact and implications on those just taking to the water.

Flexibility & Focus

It is clear from all this that people come first, that working together is nearly always more productive, especially in today's vertically skilled world and that acceptance of change through flexibility is vital.

Our Market

Businesses in both the manufacturing and service sectors, local authorities and Chambers of Commerce. Work includes copywriting of marketing materials, magazine compilation, media relations and public relations, literature design, branding and website design and maintenance/support.

IT- A Given in Business Today

Roman VIII has a particularly strong and relevant background in software development and IT with more than 14 years of experience that includes network design, management and installation, software design and engineering and project management.

If you have a particular requirement or would like to discuss your needs further please contact us: sales@romanviii.co.uk

. . .our design solutions are your business tools

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